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Terms and Conditions

Last modified: October 1, 2022


• Color Depot, Inc. reserves the right to refuse any order.

• All artwork, film, and electronic discs are vulnerable to heat, radiation, magnetic fields, etc. Color Depot, Inc. is not responsible for any   damage or loss of data. Please make back-up copies of all data before sending discs in to Color Depot, Inc.

• Failure of commitments and agreements to sell or deliver due to strikes, floods, accidents, war, inadequate supply of labor or any material, government demands or priorities, transportation delays or other conditions attach no liability to Color Depot, Inc.


• Clients without approved credit must make a 50% deposit with the remaining balance to be C.O.D.
All approved accounts will be assigned a credit limit. We reserve the right to accept or deny credit.


• Net cash, payable within 30 days of date of invoice. After 30 days our terms stipulate a service charge of 2% of unpaid balance per month commencing 30 days from date of invoice. In addition, if Color Depot, Inc. must use legal services or suit to collect, our terms stipulate that collection fees and charges are to be added to the original amount of the invoice.


• Orders which have proceeded into process will be charged according to the degree of completion at the time of cancellation.


• We, as manufacturers, stand behind our products and will replace them if we are in error. Samples of the product in question must be   submitted to us prior to any decision. We will not be responsible for consequential damages as the result of our errors. Our liability is   specifically limited to the value of the product manufactured. We reserve the right to request the product be returned to us for inspection or correction. Shipping/delivery charges cannot be credited.


• Color Depot, Inc. will not accept responsibility for copyright infringements resulting from the reproduction of documents provided by its   customers.


• Color Depot, Inc. will return all original artwork, photographs, discs etc. to the customer after payment is received. All preparatory &   prepress materials (e.g. final files, plates) remain the exclusive property of Color Depot, Inc.


• Cash, cashiers check, company check, personal check, money order and all major credit cards are accepted.

• A charge of $30.00 will be applied to your invoice or balance for returned checks.


• +/- 5% constitutes an acceptable order.

• Any changes on the final files supplied to Color Depot, Inc. will be billed to the customer.

• A minimum rate of $75 per hour will be charged for any alterations performed on electronic files.

• All prices are subject to change without prior notice.


• All quotes provided by Color Depot, Inc. are valid for 30 days. Orders not received within this time limit are subject to review. Please provide   the quotation number when submitting files.


• Files may be sent via data cd/dvd or through our ftp. Call/email us for ftp information.


• Low resolution pdf/jpg proofs are provided for every project at no additional cost. Hard copy proofs are also available. Please ask about   pricing when placing your order. 


• We will ship anywhere in the world via UPS. Customer must pay for all shipping charges. Blind shipping is also available.

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