Short Run vs. Large Run

Color Depot would like to begin by clarifying that short runs and large runs are not associated with your height and they don’t require much physical activity. A short run is available to tall people just as a large run is available to short people.

A project is considered a short run when the quantity of pieces does not exceed 500. It is typically printed using a digital printer which, according to Wikipedia, is defined as: printing using digital techniques in which the data and images are printed directly from a computer onto paper, including those developed for computer printers such as inkjet or laser printers.

Orders exceeding 500 pieces are considered large runs at Color Depot. These are typically completed using an offset printer which is when the inked image is transferred, or “offset”, from a plate to a rubber blanket then to a printing surface.

Both these methods are preferred and it all depends on the quantity of your project. Digital printing helps you save money while printing lower quantities; while Offset printing will help you save money when printing larger quantities.

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