Posters are an excellent way to advertise just about anything. Their large size helps them get noticed easily and by many people at once. They are cost effective and come in a variety of sizes, allowing them to be placed on different surfaces. Posters can help you with marketing or advertising, and can also be used to display artwork. Since posters come in such large sizes, it is especially important that they are printed with a premium press, producing only the best quality. At Color depot we print our posters with this top quality to ensure any design you choose becomes eye-catching and helps thoroughly convey what your poster presents. Please note the options described below are what are being offered in Color Depot. These options are the most commonly used, but definitely not the only ones we offer. If you don’t see what you need, please Contact Us for a quote. It will be our pleasure to email you a quote on your custom job.

At Color Depot we offer 5 different sizes of  posters. Sizes that we are offering are the following ones: 11 x 17, 12 x 18, 13 x 19,    18 x 24, 19 x 27.

Posters can be printed with a variety of paper types; one of the most common is the 100# gloss book. At color depot you can print your DVD booklets completely on 100# gloss book paper. Please Contact Us for a quote. It will be our pleasure to email you a quote on your custom job.

We are happy to offer gloss AQ coating on all posters at no additional charge for all posters over 500.  For quantities over 500 will be printed as offset printing on one of our Heidelberg offset printers. With offset printing we are able to offer AQ coating on your  posters at no additional charge to you. Quantities under 500 will be printed as digital printing and do not have the AQ coating option. With these short run quantities we cannot apply AQ coating; however we do always have the option of applying a UV coating for any quantity, large or small.

Color printing on the front blank, on the back. This type of posters has color printing only on one side. The other side contains no images or text, only a blank white surface.

Our main goal is to help you save money without sacrificing the quality of your project. Plain and simple! We offer trade prices for your Posters. We pride ourselves in providing all of our Services in-house under one roof. We offer the following services: Offset PrintingDigital PrintingPackaging PrintingGraphic DesignDie cuttingGluingFoil StampingEmbossing and DebossingBinderyUV Coating, and EEDM Mailing. All of these services are done in-house, we don’t outsource any of our work. This way we can keep an eye on your project from beginning to end. Quality is important to us.

Color Depot’s favorite color is GREEN. Our actions today will determine the kind of world we will be living in tomorrow. Please check out our Eco Friendly page to see what Color Depot does on a daily basis to keep our environment as clean as possible.

We are ready to take your ideas to the next level, Contact Us and let’s get started with your next project. Did you know that we’ve been around for over 20 years? Check out our story on About Us.