As a musician, being able to produce CDs and give it out to your fans is a great marketing tool. Nowadays CDs don’t need to be mass produced. We are capable of printing and replicating short run quantities. Same is true for DVDs and BluRays. We can help you with every step of the process. If you’re a replication/duplication company or a reseller, ask us about our special Trade Program offering discounted reseller pricing.

Some say media packaging is dead and that no one purchases CDs anymore, but we don’t think so. Musicians are still producing their music and want to market themselves with CDs and in order to do that they need media packaging. Yes the internet is big, yes YouTube has taken over, but there is just some authentic and real about purchasing an actual CD of your favorite singer or band. The media packaging of your CD will play a big role in how well your sales are for your CD. Nowadays many musicians produce a CD, replicate it, create a great media packaging, and pass out their music to promote their band. CDs have become a great marketing tool. Being able to mass produce such low quantities of CDs has helped tremendously. As a musician you can contact us and order 50 CD digipaks and have 50 CDs replicated, take it to an event you’ll be attending and pass out that 50 to market yourself. This is something that wasn’t possible before. Short run CDs, short run printing and short run CD replication, has become our present and future. Short run is also great for those that are on a tight budget and need to produce their CDs with low prices. This is where Color Depot comes in, we will never sacrifice the quality of the work so paying cheap prices will not change how your media packaging looks. Color Depot will keep your project at the highest quality