Emotion in Art

When an author is painting an image with words, they might add colored descriptions to better draw exactly what they want you to envision. At that moment, you feel as though you are in the book itself; it is captivating. This same technique is used by Color Depot graphic designers to enhance each and every project we produce.

This following image will better explain how the color pallet of a painting is a crucial part of the story behind the art:

After the death of his friend, Pablo Picasso entered his ‘Blue Period’ in which he only painted with monochromatic tones to reflect his low psychological state. The piece titled Tragedy (1903) perfectly depicts how color scheme affects the mood of the art. We see a family huddled together by the ocean wearing loose, draped clothing painted with dark colors and black shading. The night is moonless and gloomy, the ocean water dark and melancholy. We can feel the misery resonating from the family.


Now, not everyone loves the ocean but when we look at this piece of art, in most of us it grows a desire to sit on that sand with a drink in our hand and relax as opposed to sitting behind that desk covered in piles of paperwork or doing the loads of laundry waiting for you when you get home. Artist Chuck Pinson uses bright and bold colors in this piece, titled Sea Breeze Trail, to instill that sensation of a tropical get-away. The fuchsia flowers and tall palm trees running along the path that leads to that bright blue ocean and clear sky is what symbolizes ultimate serenity in your mind.

This type of psychological guidance has been mastered by our Color Depot graphic designers specifically to improve any art we develop for our clients. Color Depot graphic designers understand that to quickly collect and keep the viewer’s attention, the art must be creative, clever, properly placed and most of all— exactly what the client wants! It is Color Depot’s top priority to ensure our clients are satisfied when presented with the finished product.

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