die_cuttingTo be able to create packaging for CD/DVD, pharmaceutical products, cosmetic products, or any other products you need to be able to die cut the printed sheets. To be able to do custom clothing tags or O-cards you need to be able to die cut. To be able to create custom designs for invitations, postcards, or be able to make door hangers, you would need to be able to die cut. What is Die Cutting exactly?

A die is a flat, often rectangular, wooden surface that contains sharp blades designed in various shapes and sizes. Each die is created specifically to suit the product that requires it. The die is inserted into a die cutting machine, which presses the die against the paper to cut it. Something important to note is that this process does not chip, burn, melt, or in other words damage the paper in any way.

The die cutting machine also can score the paper, providing a dotted line, allowing the paper to be easily folded along the line. When all the necessary lines are folded, a box is created for any media, cosmetic, or pharmaceutical packaging.

Die cutting can also be used to perforate paper. Perforation is used for concert or show tickets, allowing the paper to easily be torn and separated along the perforated line.

Die cutting is a crucial component of the commercial printing process. We pride ourselves in offering Die Cutting services in-house, under one roof. We don’t outsource our die cutting, just as the rest of our services.

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