Come to Life. Come to Color

At Color Depot, we use top-of-the-line Heidelberg machinery to bring your projects to life. The inks within our printers are Heidelberg Accredited Process Inks included in the EcoLogo Program. Not only do our EcoLogo Inks create vibrant, eye-catching images but they also contribute to maintaining a safe environment and healthy planet.

This 4-color ink, also known as CMYK which is acronym for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black, has significance in the color spectrum.

Although Cyan can remind you of the clear blue ocean water in a tropical land far away from piles of paper work and crying children, one of its main purposes is to combine with yellow to create a vibrant green.

Finding a field full of Magenta colored tulips to run through on a beautiful summer day is a great image but Color Depot enjoys combining magenta and yellow to create a radiant red.

Perhaps, after an incredible day in that magical field of flowers, you could speed off into the sunset in a brand new Yellow Ferrari with the person of your dreams leaving all of your worries behind, while here at Color Depot we use graphic design to put all of these fantasies onto paper and send them home with you. Ultimately, these colors can be blended together to reproduce most colors from the entire color spectrum.

Color Depot’s goal is to demonstrate that the use of quality ink creates a more visually rich final product and has proven to increase information retention which is ideal for any company. Our main intention is to create the understanding that quality work comes from not only skill but from the root of the machinery.






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