UVcoatingA great option to have your project stand out is to add UV coating on it. Many people prefer to add the extra shine to their projects. However, did you know that UV coating can also add a Matte finish rather than an extra shine? UV Coating is great for magazine covers, presentation folders, CD/DVD packaging, cosmetic packaging, postcards, and much more. UV coating will make your printed work pop with the extra shine or give it that extra matte finish you want. What is UV Coating exactly?

UV coating is ultra-violet cured coating that is applied over ink printed on paper and dried instantly by exposure to UV radiation. After applying UV coating, the printed page can be very shiny or flattened to a matte finish. The coating also provides protection for the paper. UV coating is more often applied to thicker paper, but that is not to say thinner paper such as 80# gloss book cannot be coated. UV coating makes products look more eye-catching by adding a rich, glossy, and dramatic look.

Another great option that we offer is Spot UV Coating. Spot UV is great if you want UV coating on certain parts of your design but not the entire job. This is great to use on company logos or other important details you wish to have stand out. This is a great option for Catalogs or Magazines, to make the title or company name stand out, or to use it on certain titles inside the Catalog. Another great way to use Spot UV Coating is on Product Swatch Books. Some clients like to do spot UV coating on the colors of their swatch book to have it pop out more.

UV Coating is a great option to offer in the commercial printing process. At Color Depot, we pride ourselves in offering UV Coating services in-house, under one roof, just as the rest of our services.

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