Hard Cover Books, also called casebound or hardbound books have covers that are sturdier, usually made from thick cardboard wrapped in cloth. Here the pages can be glued or sewn into the spine, making the spine more flexible so that the book can lay flat when opened. The book title and author’s name are often stamped onto the cloth binding, and hardcover books typically come wrapped in a dust jacket with artwork.  Here are some things to consider when deciding between hard or softcover book printing.

  • Genre – is one of the biggest indicators for format. Books that can be found in hardcover are frequently in the genres of business, coffee table/art, first-edition fiction, or collector’s editions of classics. Traditionally, fiction comes out first in hardcover and later in paperback. This is changing due to the economic climate, and to stay competitive many fiction titles, especially from newer authors, are coming out in paperback to entice readers with a lower price point.
  • Topic – with rapidly changing information, like health, technology, science, and politics, are usually released in paperback (or ebook) formats, so that new editions can be released and consumed more quickly.
  • Cost – Hardcover book printing is more expensive than paperback book printing, so if you’re on a tight budget, you might get more books for your buck by printing paperback.

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