gluing_machineTo be able to create packaging for CD/DVD, Pharmaceutical products, Cosmetic products, or any other products you need to be able to glue the printed and die cut sheets. What is Gluing exactly?

Our high-speed Kluge folder/gluer machines are essential for creating our packaging products. These automatic folder/gluers are able to fold our printed paper, apply glue, and firmly press it together. The speed of these machines gives us an advantage to produce products quickly, while still maintaining top quality. These gluing machines are used to glue together packaging for CDs and DVDs, such as 5″ sleeves and digipaks. We also utilize the gluing services at Color Depot for packaging printing, such as pharmaceutical packaging and cosmetic packaging.

We use another gluing machine for our CD and DVD digi trays. This machine applies glue to our digi trays and lets us attach them to our CD and DVD packaging.

It is convenient to have these gluing services (along with the rest of our services) all in-house under one roof, allowing for efficient productivity.

We are continually working and striving to exceed your expectations with the quality of our work. No job is too small and no job is too big to make sure the quality is not compromised. The quality of our work is monitored closely throughout the entire process, from pre production to post production. We pride ourselves in offering our services all in-house under one roof. We don’t outsource any of our work. This allows us to keep a close eye on your project from beginning to end.

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