CD Packaging Printing

What is CD Packaging Printing exactly? CD packaging is what’s needed to go along with your CD to showcase what the CD is and also to include crucial information that you want to share with your audience. Most CD packaging printing will include information about that particular musician/band and will include the song names, sometimes even the lyrics. Usually CD packaging printing will also include pictures from the band/musician. Your audience will determine if they want to purchase your CD simply by looking at the packaging. Deciding on the type of CD packaging printing and designing the proper design, is crucial to the success of your CD.

As a musician, being able to produce CDs and give it out to your fans is a great marketing tool. Nowadays CDs don’t need to be mass produced. We are capable of printing and replicating short run quantities. Same is true for DVD packaging printing and Blu Ray packaging printing. We can help you with every step of the process. If you’re a replication/duplication company or a reseller, ask us about our special Trade Program offering discounted reseller pricing.

Color depot offers a variety of creative and high quality CD packaging printing options:

  • CD Mailers – these are 5″ mailers that basically look like an envelope that has your information printed on it. You place your CD in the mailer and seal the tab. This CD Mailer printing is a great simple way to distribute your CDs and promote your music to your fans, without having to purchase an actual CD case.
  • CD Sleeves – these are similar to the mailers, with the exception that these don’t have the tab, so you won’t be able to seal it closed. It’s basically an envelope with the top open for you to be able to insert your CD in there.  This CD Sleeve printing is a cost effective way of packaging and distributing your CD and showcasing your music to your fans.
  • CD Booklets – these are the small saddle stitched (stapled) booklets that go into a CD case and will have all the info about the particular CD. We offer CD booklet printing in: 8pg, 12pg, 16pg, 20pg, 24pg, 28pg, and 32pg. All our CD booklets include the CD inlays as well.
  • CD Digipaks – these are the full packaging for a CD without having to use a plastic case. We print on both sides of the digipak, then it is die cut and folded so that we can glue one or more plastic digi trays inside, for you to be able to place your CD inside the tray. CD digipak printing enables you to fully print on all sides of your packaging. We offer 4 panel, 6 panel, and 8 panel CD digipaks, with the option of 1 or more trays.
  • CD Folders – these are similar to the booklets, however they are just folded, rather then stapled. There are different types of folds, depending on the number of pages in the CD folder. We offer CD folder printing in: 4pg, 6pg, 8pg, and 10pg. All our CD folders include the CD inlays as well.
  • CD Folders Poster Style – these are very unique and interesting folders. This folds into a CD folder and can be included in the CD case, however once you open it up, it becomes a big poster and can be displayed. This CD folder poster style printing is great for musicians or bands that want to include a big poster of them for their fans.
  • CD Inlays – these inlays are automatically included when you order our CD booklets or CD folders. However, we also offer the inlays separately because sometimes people would like to order the inlays without the booklet or folder. CD inlay printing is a one page double sided sheet that is included in the CD case.
  • CD Inserts – these are thin two page inserts that go into the CD case. We offer CD insert printing with variety of turnarounds and options.
  • CD Wallets – these are similar to the sleeves and digipaks, you don’t need another case for it, the entire packaging is the wallet. However, unlike the digipak, this doesn’t need a plastic tray, you insert the CD directly in the pocket of the wallet. We offer CD wallet printing in 4 panel and 6 panel options, with both single and double pockets.

The printing, die cutting, and gluing of our packaging occurs all under one roof at our warehouse. We take great pride in providing all of our services in-house without outsourcing any of our work. This allows us to keep a close eye on your project from beginning to end. Packaging printing is one of our specialties, especially Media Packaging. If you have already have a graphic designer and your file is ready to go, our pricing is competitive without comprising quality. Contact us for a quote and we can get started on your CD packaging printing! If you don’t have a graphic designer and need help designing your CD packaging printing, our graphic design team is standing by ready to help you design your CD packaging.

Our main goal is to help you save money without sacrificing the quality of your project. Plain and simple! We offer trade prices for your CD Packaging printing. We pride ourselves in providing all of our Services in-house under one roof. We offer the following services: Offset PrintingDigital PrintingPackaging PrintingGraphic DesignDie cuttingGluingFoil StampingEmbossing and DebossingBinderyUV Coating, and EEDM Mailing. All of these services are done in-house, we don’t outsource any of our work. This way we can keep an eye on your project from beginning to end. Quality is important to us.

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